Free Printable Gold Foil World Map download


Five days of giveaways are almost over! day one was the beautiful printable minimalist 2015 calendars, then it was the HUGE AND MASSIVE wedding photography giveaway  and then it was the modern marble computer desktop organizer and today is a gold foil map download! 

basically, i'm trying to organize your life, capture priceless memories, save you money, donate your money to amazing causes, and make your house beautiful all at the same time.

it's like Christmas in January really.  you're welcome. 

I created this golf foil map in photoshop while i was re-designing my marketing material with the new branding... and i thought what better person to give it to than YOU!  because honestly, sometimes we just need a little reminder that we are one tiny speck on this earth, and that maybe our problems aren't as big as we think they are, and maybe it would do us good to get out and and expand our horizons and gain a new perspective. 

also, side note, if you know me you know that I am in love  with public radio. today they were talking about how the ability to change your habits (ie- new years resolutions) are linked directly to the environment where you reside. For example, I'm trying to cut my starbucks habit, but the hardest time for me is right after i've dropped my kids off at school. i'm so used to stopping in at my local starbucks on the way home, dropping 5 bucks, and cozying up in my (now quiet) little warm car.  theoretically, if i was driving a different car, or taking a different route home (even past other starbucks) my success rate would be much higher. 

The moral of all of this is get out and change your environment. travel. move about the world. even if you cant fly across the world to a distant land, maybe just try and different route home for work. take the scenic route. if there are things in your life you are resolved to change (as so many of us have in this first month of the year) maybe you might just need a little reminder. maybe you need to just forget about that desktop organizer i gave away yesterday and put this gold foil world map on there instead.  our problems are small, the world is big, and lets change the things we want to change about it and ourselves. 


(ps- download below, using code WORLDMAP )