five days of Giveaways!

Five days of giveaways are complete! day one was the beautiful printable minimalist 2015 calendars, then it was the HUGE AND MASSIVE wedding photography giveaway  (go enter! or send to someone who is getting married!) and then it was the modern marble computer desktop organizer , yesterday was a gold foil map download, and today is a dual giveaway! 

Now, I mentioned that the winner of the wedding photography giveaway was going to be some little surprises along the way- of which i am not going to mention (because, well... then they wouldn't be surprises), but I am going to let you in on one beautiful little treat. 

Wild Grace Workshop makes these beautiful hand-crafted wooden boxes for storing prints. You know I love me a good handmade item, and i'm all about printing out photos (I mean, even NBC is on board with this idea)  so it's like a match made in heaven. 

my portrait clients have been receiving these wooden boxes full of prints and it just feels so cherished. you could put old peanut butter in these boxes and it would make the peanut butter feel luxurious (please note: dont put old peanut butter in these boxes) 

and, because i know that not everyone will get to win the wedding photography giveaway, and therefore get one of these beautiful keepsake boxes, I'm giving away a photograph- a beautiful  image of a bike in Europe. though it would look amazing really anywhere... i have a soft spot for envisioning this print in a nursery somewhere. 

enter your email and code BICYCLEPRINT in the form below, and dont forget to go enter the wedding giveaway!