free computer desktop organizer

To celebrate the launch of this new site, I'm doing 5 days of giveaways! Sunday was the beautiful minimalist desktop calendar, yesterday was the huge wedding photography giveaway , and today.... well... we're going to ring in the new year by getting organized. 

So, full disclosure- when i'm not photographing destination weddings, we're renovating our 1907 bungalow. And when I say 'we' i mean... WE. like, my husband and I. So in this whole process I've become obsessed with cararra marble (I mean, who isn't?) but we aren't quite there yet with the kitchen. So, if i can't have it in my kitchen, I might as well have it on my computer desktop, right? 

And thus, the new Desktop Organizer was born. also conveniently timed with my New Year's goal of KEEPING MY DESKTOP ORGANIZED. seriously, sometimes i'm so embarrassed by the rampant disregard for cleanliness. Yes, i know it slows down my computer**. but i know where everything is, I swear.   



second love? copper.  so that got included too.  It's weirdly starting to look a lot like my dream kitchen...

I've designed this desktop to meet my own workflow needs, but I realize everyone probably has different workflows. Heck, maybe you're not even a photographer. So I've created three different versions of this organizer- 1) with the labels and fully customizable PSD file 2) without labels 3) plain marble.  pick your poison. 

enter your email address and code DESKTOP_ORG for your free download. 

**hey peeps. did you know that having things on your desktop drastically slows your computer down? the oxymoronic thing, however, is that when you are actively working on a project, having the project located on your desktop is the fastest drive you can use. moral of the story? if you're working on a project actively, have it on your desktop. once your done with it, GET IT OUTA THERE! which is why i love the desktop organizer, it keeps my projects moving from the left side of the screen to the right side, motivating me to get my projects done so i get them cleared off the desktop, making my computer perform at more optimal speeds.