How to Never Look Awkward in Photos Again- get rid of your double chin in photographs

So excited to launch these video tutorials! I started this just for my clients, because I found myself repeating the same things at every shoot and wedding I shot, but thought everyone could benefit from this information. These simple little tricks that are SO EASY to do, and make you look like a veritable super model.  

Have you ever seen a photo of yourself and just thought "I hate this picture of me. is that really what I look like? I feel like in real life I look better than that... at least I hope"  

The truth is, you do. That one millisecond in time is not a true representation of how you look normally. The photographer probably just caught you at an awkward time. You don't normally have a double chin, but look! there it is for all eternity in the photogrpah! A double chin! 

get rid of the double chin and stop looking awkward in photos that are taken of you with a really simple trick that takes two seconds. it's a modeling secret that anyone can employ to smooth out neck wrinkles and get rid of the double chin. Lexia is a destination wedding photographer and luxury wedding photographer based on the west coast. 

(That's me up there- looking awkward. )

In this video series (i'll be posting weekly on monday) I'll be teaching you how to pose like a super model- and how to get comfortable doing so- so that when you are in front of the lens on your wedding day or at our session it will feel like second nature and you'll feel natural and relaxed. 

This first video is one of the most basic concepts that you'll use in virtually every other video tutorial- so go practice! 

and, in case you dont believe me and need more factual proof- i forced by husband to also be in front of the camera. he was a good sport. double chin/awkward neck  vs pretty decent headshot. there you have it my friends. 

an example of poor posing in photographs- head over to to see how to get rid of the double chin in photos
learn how to get rid of the double chin in photographs by destination wedding photographer lexia frank. 


Disclaimer: the following rules of 'posing' are lovely tricks used by professionals to bring out the best possible version of our traditional standards of beauty.  Everyone wants to feel like their best possible version- and that is all fine and great- but lets also take this grain of salt with the grain of salt that reminds us that real moments are beautiful (regardless of double chin or not) and that being ourselves and comfortable in our bodies in whatever form they take at that moment is also very valid and beautiful. sometimes, we need to forget about makeup and body image standards for a minute, like this shoot i did here. 

A real genuine laugh, whether towards the camera or away, is better than no laugh at all (double chin inducing or not).  Don't overthink it and have a good time!