Never Look Awkward in Photos Again- take inches off your waist and add shape

Well, here we go again. each Monday I'm bringing a quick little tip that anyone can do so you actually (gasp) may like a photo taken of yourself. So, if you're that person who is like "ugh. i never like photos of myself..."  this is for you. 

Destination Wedding Photographer Lexia Frank is a film photographer and ethnic wedding photographer on the west coast photographing luxury weddings worldwide. she gives tutorials on her blog weekly on how to never look awkward in photos again with posing tips for the normal person. 

Also, I've realized after looking at these photos that my living room has turned into quite the jungle.  there are 10 other plants in this room that you cant see. i may need to narrow down a bit. The fiddle leaf figs are taking over!

without further adieu...