Cambodian Wedding Inspiration (khmer wedding inspiration)

This year I'm honing in on a love of mine- weddings of other cultures. I'm kicking off my wedding season starting TOMORROW (!!) with a traditional Cambodian wedding with a bride whom I adore. I can not imagine a better way to start my season. In honor of that, I'm sharing a little Cambodian Wedding inspiration here on the blog.

 Its this thing i find so fascinating- that throughout the entire world, spanning all time, we are united in this ritual of the marriage ceremony.  how long it dates back to, i am not sure.  but to see the commonalities and differences amongst all cultures is such a beautiful thing.  We may not all be able to speak the same language, but we universally understand the union of two people. 

I'm thankful to be photographing a Cambodian wedding, an indian wedding, an african wedding, a Greek Orthodox wedding, and a nepali bridal shoot this year (aside from my many other weddings).... and who knows what the rest of the year will hold. .  

Cambodian wedding inspiration from Destination Wedding Photographer, Lexia Frank, a film photographer on the west coast specializing in luxury weddings and destinations worldwide. 

Each week i'm going to bring a different culture's wedding to you so you can appreciate other traditions and styles of marriage. Perhaps you want to imbue just a touch of your heritage into your (otherwise traditional) american ceremony.  Or perhaps you're a bride who wants to host a full-on ethnically traditional wedding, but dont know where to start for good style. 

This week's Cambodian/Khmer wedding inspiration board has a solid base of deep navy gray for depth, and a bright sparkle of gold. Inexpensive baby's breath sprayed with gold spray paint are used as large groupings, and orange flowers hang from branches above tables for a big (and inexpensive) statement piece. unexpected accents of gold are found in the cracks in the floor, and traditional Khmer clothing is the real highlight of the day. in traditional Camodian weddings, brides  change multiple times throughout the day into dresses of different jewel tone colors. A deep navy gray base with gold accents are the perfect thread to tie the entire event together- regardless of the color the bride is wearing at any given point in the day. 

see my pinterest board for more Khmer Wedding inspiration and traditional rituals:

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