What to wear for your photography session

If there is any question I get more than any other it is "what should I wear for our session?"  

the short answer is: 'wear what you feel good in',  but the long answer looks a little something like the video below. 

Lexia Frank Photography is a family photographer in portland oregon. 

the TLDR version is a little something like this:  

  • stay away from small repeating patterns like gingham or tiny repeating polkadot patterns, as cameras have a difficult time with tiny repeating patterns and it can look psychedelic. 
  • skirts and dresses give your hands something to do, (picking it up, swinging it around, etc) so it might be worth thinking about wearing one.
  • dark colors weigh you down, not make you look thinner.  light and airy colors will turn out beautifully on film- go for that! 
  • wear your clothes around for a while before you attend your photoshoot.  make sure that you can easily move around in them, that you can raise your arms up or bend forward- essentially your clothes need to allow you to move and be normal people without having to constantly adjust them.  spoiler alert- we'll be moving around a lot. 
  • iron, cut off tags and bring along a tide-stick in case you spill!
  • when in doubt, bring a few options to your shoot and let your photographer help you choose.  
  • always communicate with your hired photographer about what he/she likes for her clients to wear so that your style meshes with their style for the best end result!