Wedding Day Photography Checklist - all the things your photographer wants you to remember for your wedding day!

With the start of my wedding season kicking off this weekend, I thought it might be nice to publish the Checklist I give to all my clients before their wedding day.  I'm totally a list-maker (as evidenced by the world's longest "What To Do Before You Travel Abroad- a free travel checklist" or maybe by my list of style guides for 2015 weddings...)  and I've definitely been known to make lists including things I've already accomplished that day JUST so I can have the pleasure of crossing them off. I mean, who doesn't like feeling accomplished?  'wake up' CHECK. 'make coffee' CHECK. 

If you're a list-lover like me, and you're in the last chaotic days of planning your wedding, you'll appreciate this little checklist to make sure you've got your photographer covered for your wedding day. 

Destination Wedding Photographer Lexia Frank is a Portland Oregon wedding photographer who regularly shoots luxury weddings throughout the United States and beyond. She's created a Wedding Day Checklist for her brides to make sure they have everything they need for their wedding day in terms of photography!  Lexia is a fine art wedding film photographer based on the west coast.