How to never look awkward in photos again- use ballet concepts to make your body look long and elegant

Dancers study for years on how to make the lines of their body appear as long as possible. As a former dancer myself, i use that training  to guide my clients to do the same things when they are being photographed so that they look amazing and elegant and feminine.  this basic concept is carried through any pose i ever guide my clients to do, from sitting, standing, walking, whatever! it's all dance concepts, so if you love the lines of ballerinas, you can at least employ some of those tricks to when you're being photographed.  

Destination wedding photographer Lexia Frank gives tips on how to pose like a dancer in photographs. she is a film photographer for weddings based on the west coast, but travels worldwide for luxury wedding photography and ethnic and multicultural wedding photography 

This will be the last video tutorial i post for the next 3 weeks, as this friday i am off to Nepal.  i'll be out of the office until the 20th of march, at which point we'll continue on the video series and regular postings!